Friday, 29 July 2011

Week in pictures


I am really happy it's the weekend! I thought I'd share a few pictures from my week, from discovering a new tea shop last weekend to painting some colourful swirls for a logo I'm designing. It feels really great to design using traditional materials instead of sticking to digital methods.

This Sunday I'm off to Indietracks festival, an indie pop music weekend in Derbyshire which is held at a steam train site. You get to see bands perform on trains!! I can't wait. Have a great weekend peeps!






Film Friday: Beginners

Last week I went to see the new Mike Mills film, Beginners at the cinema. It stars Ewan Mcgregor as a Graphic Designer who receives the news that his elderly father is suffering from cancer - and has also come out as gay.

Melanie Laurent plays Ewan's love interest and manages to look good at all times, carrying off the messy bun look perfectly. (Sigh!) Anyway I really enjoyed the film and although it has quite a sad tone it also contains really funny moments, and the sweetest darn dog you ever will see!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Put it into Music: Summer

Although it doesn't feel very summery here in cloudy England this tune never fails to put me in a summery mood! Come on sun, please show your face again this weekend!


Monday, 25 July 2011


It was a quiet Monday evening so Tom and I decided to play around with the scanner. Then the whole gang wanted to join us; Mr Potato-head, Frank, Jordaan the Rabbit and Baby Blue!



Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Dressing up Box


On Thursday evening our friends brought round their impressive collection of fancy dress costumes. They have amassed quite an array of outfits over the years, there's everything from nun costumes to masks and whips (apparently used for two parties, one for a Devo costume and the other for Indiana Jones!). So we thought it'd be fun to dress up as different characters using the supplies we had!


Tom wrote a script and we made an impromptu film involving a group of crazy actors who turn up at a nun's convent and take her hostage. Their motive was never quite made clear... but it made for a very fun Thursday night!







Friday, 22 July 2011

Film Friday: Moon

This week I saw Moon for the second time. My favourite part of the film is the robot, Gertie, and the expressions he makes! Kevin Spacey provides the perfect voice for the character too.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

How to Make a Jewelry Display Board


If you're anything like me you have necklaces strewn across your window sills, by your bed, in the bathroom.. and nowhere nice to keep them! So this idea is a really cheap and easy way to display them in your house.

All you need are: a notice board (I got mine from the charity shop), some pretty wrapping paper (I used Orla Kiely, yum), a craft knife, a ruler, double sided tape (or spray mount would also work well), and some pins!


Firstly measure the size of your pin-board (I slightly cheated and pressed the paper onto the board to get a size then used the ruler and knife to cut it out). Attach strips of double sided tape on the back and attach to the board, and ta-da...


Stick in your pins and you're done! Simple. (Thanks to Lorra for the idea ;)


Monday, 18 July 2011

Food Diary Continued...

Butternut squash pie

This weekend Tom made a delicious pie using butternut squash, leek and mushrooms, the recipe is here if you fancy making it too. Perfect for rainy days!

Earlier in the week I roasted some peppers and filled them with cous cous and halloumi which made for a lovely quick supper. Halloumi always makes a meal ten times tastier.

Butternut squash pie

Roasted peppers with halloumi & cous cous

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend in pictures


Although it's been quite a rainy weekend I've enjoyed pottering around, watching films, tidying the flat and doing some Sunday night baking.

On Friday night Tom's friends put on Friday 13th Part 3 upstairs in a local pub. We were all handed 3D glasses to enjoy the spectacular 80s 3D effects! It was followed by a talk by the original 'Jason', who explained how he wasn't actually a fan of horror films at all! On Saturday I worked at another family art workshop at the New Art Exchange which was also fun. How was your weekend?








Friday, 15 July 2011

Film Friday: O Brother Where Art Thou

This week I watched a Coen brothers classic for the first time. I really enjoyed the music in the film but I have to admit some of the plot line baffled me a little bit, I think I need to research into The Odyssey a bit more, which the film is loosely based around.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Happy Bastille Day

... to any French bloggers out there!

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Seven Go Exploring on a Canal Boat


Our second canal boating trip took place at the weekend. This time we explored the waterways near Bath and a glorious time was had by all! We ate lots of cheese (there was a canal boat we stopped off at that sold amazing cheese with free samples, mmm...), played board games (one particular favourite: Scotland Yard) and sang songs til the sun came down.





Tom made a zombie film on board as well which really had us all laughing during the filming! (If you're curious you can see it here!)









There were a couple of setbacks however, namely Tom falling in the canal as he was trying to push us off using the barge pole. He was slightly panicky as he fell right under the murky water but we hauled him back on board to sail another day! We're looking forward to the next canal boat jaunt already.